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MRI Scans

Advanced Diagnostic Tests

Annual physicals simply aren't enough to understand what's really going on within your body and your overall health.

Sperity Health members have access to advanced diagnostic tests that measure key vitals beyond height and weight to ensure they're always steady or improving - and to detect any abnormalities as early as possible.

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Whole Body MrI
to detect any issues early

This 60 minute scan is the most comprehensive screening tool and needs to be in your health plan. We provide it for you locally.


VO2 Max rEspiratory Testing for Metabolic Health

Evaluate your lung capacity with the tool that is the single greatest predictor of all-cause mortality.


CT Scans and Ultrasounds
for Heart Health

We use non-invasive X-rays and sound waves for in depth evaluations of your most important arteries- the ones feeding your heart and brain. 


longevity Fitness Evaluation to keep you on track

If you want to live to be 100 and independent, we will make sure you are on the right fitness path today.

Association Game

Cognitive Testing
for Brain Health

Identifying any cognitive impairments can help you stay sharp and detect early signs of dementia.

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Gut Microbiome Testing
for Digestive Health

Analyzing the composition and diversity of microorganisms in your digestive tract can help detect early gut issues.


Continuous Glucose Monitoring to see how sugar affects you

Learn what foods cause your body to gain or burn calories and be able to adapt to your choices.


Sleep - Strain - Stress Analysis for top performance

Your sleep quality is critical to your short and long term health. Gain insights to improve your rest, workouts, and job performance.

Blood Test

Advanced Biomarker Panels for early cancer detection

There is a lab that determines if you have cancer anywhere in your body and which organ is affected. We will provide it for you along with many others tests insurance will not cover.


Forever Chemical Filters to protect you from your faucet

Very few home water filters block all of the tiny forever chemicals that poison our water supply. We will install the best one on the market in your home.


genetic testing for better medicine results

Each person processes medicine differently. Find out which medications  your body works well with and which do not.


Tailored Supplements to fill the nutrient gaps

Out of thousands of recipes, we will help build the multivitamin your body needs the most. 

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