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Life's great.

Live longer.

With Sperity, you've got a doctor in the family.

Sperity members get exclusive access to:

  • appointments with top medical specialists

  • advanced diagnostic tests that aren't covered 
    by standard insurance companies

  • cutting-edge health tech wearable devices

     → for themselves and for their spouses.

Member Benefits

Sperity Member Benefits

Right Doctor Right Time allows members to seek the top medical professionals in their area for any care or service they need



Advanced diagnostic tests include Whole Body MRIs, CT Scans, advanced blood panels, cognitive and gut microbiome tests
Sperity Health members receive wearable devices like sleep, heart rate, and glucose monitors, as well as water filter systems



Specialists on speed dial.

Let us know what's going on, and we'll schedule your appointments with our trusted physicians

and care specialists in your area.

Early detection means better outcomes. Your Sperity Care Calendar includes tests like MRIs, CT scans, VO2 Max,  and blood panels to measure key vitals beyond height and weight.

Personalized insights in real time.

Learn about how your body manages physical exertion, mental load, sleep quality, and your ability to bounce back.

Are you ready to live longer?

Become a Sperity member today.


How Sperity Works

Join Sperity Health today

Become a Member

A dedicated Sperity team member will get you registered with the technology and tests that fit your lifestyle best. 
We'll answer any questions you have in your personalized onboarding session.

Your cutting-edge technology and wearable devices will connect to your mobile phone

Start Tracking What Matters

You'll receive your heart rate and sleep analysis band and glucose monitor to start to understand more about your day-to-day health and how to improve.

Your care calendar will include appointments with medical specialists and advanced diagnostic tests

Build your Care Calendar

We'll schedule your first set of tests and work with you to create a plan for the rest of the year. You'll meet with our physicians to measure and understand your results within the first month.

Sperity Health will connect you with medical experts in your area sooner than you could get an appointment on your own

lean On Us When You Need Help

We're your medical team now.

Say the word, and we'll find and schedule your appointments with the best physicians to handle whatever life throws your way.

How it Works
“I love the peace of mind Sperity brings us. We're feeling more prepared than ever for our half-marathon coming up!”

James and Kelly




We're proudly serving members in southern Alabama communities in Mobile and Baldwin counties.


Soon, we plan to expand our services to members in Birmingham, Charlotte, New Orleans, Atlanta and Nashville. 

  • Where is Sperity Health located?
    📍 Sperity Health currently serves Alabama members in Mobile and Baldwin counties. We're planning to expand to Birmingham, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee next. 🎉 Do you live somewhere else? Send us a message letting us know where you'd like Sperity Health to come next!
  • What's included in a Sperity Health membership?
    We currently offer three membership tiers: Intro, Pro, and Max. Intro covers all the basic scans/labs for a single individual. Pro is designed to cover all of the necessary scans/labs for an individual and their spouse and offers a few longevity health solutions. Max is designed for a couple who is looking to cover all of the necessary scans/labs as well as take full advantage of all the latest longevity health solutions available.
  • Do you provide a single point of contact to go over my test results?
    Yes, we have one single point of contact that is a medical 3.0 physician to speak with and review all labs/test results.

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Meet the Team

Meet the Sperity Health Team

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